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SONAK | Health | Knee C//C AutoChill System

Knee C//C AutoChill System

Knee C//C AutoChill System

The Aircast AutoChil System provides consistent cold therapy for injuries with a convenient, detachable pump design.  The 20D system automatically circulates water out to a cryo cuff thereby eliminating the need to manually adjust water temperature as performed using a typical gravity-fed style Cryo Cuff.  The system's pump features a 30 second on/off design that intermittently pressurizes the inside of the cooler driving water out to the inflatable cuff.  The off cycle is initiated with a "hiss" of pressure being released, and water is then drawn back into the cooler to become cold again.  Without a power source, the Autochill system can be used just like a the standard system to manually inflate the cuff with water. This dual use makes the system suited for post surgical recovery at home, in a hospital setting, and athletic environments where no power supply exists.  Assembly of the Aircast Autochill System with Cryo Cuff Cooler components is simple allowing patients the ability to start enjoying motorized cold therapy in just minutes.  Simply attach the pump to the side of the cooler with its velcro adhesive strips, and connect the clear air hose tubing from the pump to the lid to start pressurizing your system for use with a cuff.  The 20D system is shipped complete with a cooler, attachable 20D model pump as shown, air hose tube assembly, an insulation disk, and your choice of pad from the menu above.   

Aircast AutoChill System Features:

  • Provides up to 6-8 hours of cold therapy.
  • Intermittent pump design exchanges water out to a cryo cuff automatically - no manual work required.
  • Works with all past and current cryo cuff pads.
  • Can be used like a manual cryo cuff in the vent the power goes out.
  • Works with a variety of pads for the entire body - Please see out Sizing chart tab above for sizing guidelines.
  • Perfect for use at home or for sporting events/practice where no power is available.

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