How to Select Strings

How to Select Strings

Step 1. Selecting the series of the string

Step 2. Gauge

a) provide high resilience that ensures a good server and volley. The strings increases the repletion of the ball to reach far. Furthermore, you can spin the ball with ease

b) provides high stability that ensures a good groundstroke. The string is less resilient but not easily broken, thus lasting longer, making it possible to get hold of the ball and ensuring suitable hitting.

Step 3. Recommend Tension

Meaning of Tension the string tension determines the stiffness of the strings. Although it is very important factor to your play, you will find it rather difficult to find the suitable tension of your strings. GOSEN recommended you to consult of your shop if you are a beginner. Each racket indicates the appropriate tension range of the racket. where the racket can demonstrate its abilities. A string itself has an appropriate range as well. Usually a string package indicates the recommended tension range of the string for your reference. Use it for your reference. Difference in the Feeling of Ball Hitting .

LOW TENSION = Recommended to hit the ball far. Strings have a margin of deflection, which allows you to hit the ball far. Furthermore, You will feel that the Strings get hold of the ball well. The Ball contact with the string longer, which makes it possible to spin the ball with ease.

HIGH TENSION = Recommended to hit the ball far. The extrusive force of strings is suppressed, which prevents the ball from lying too far away. if your head speed is fast, the springs of the strings cannot catch up with the head speed. Therefore, High-tension strings will stabilise your play.