Newsletter Molten X-Series

To provide a superior touch, Molten has modified and aligned the pebbles on the ball’s surface to create a uniform pebble pattern. This uniform pattern increases the contact area and ensures a consistent feel no matter where the ball is held. Additionally, the color contrast of the signature 12-panel GUIGIARO design has been refined for improved visibility.

The sharp contrast makes the balls more visible to players and spectators alike. Molten will continue to develop and provide products with sophisticated design and superb functionality for the entire basketball community and continue efforts to realize its commitment to the brand statement, “for the real game.” SONIA TRADING, the exclusive distributor of Molten Sporting Goods would like to announce that the new X-Series basketball will be release at all sports retail stores outlets nationwide on August 01, 2015. Product Features:

1. Consistent touch To improve consistency of touch, the shape and placement of each pebble was modified and aligned to create a uniform surface texture, revolutionizing the traditional pebble pattern. This uniformity ensures a consistent contact no matter where the ball is held.

2. Enhanced visibility Increased contrast between the ball’s feature colors provides the ultimate experience in ball visibility. Players can focus on every movement of the ball. Additionally, the rotation of the ball can be seen at greater distances, allowing fans to see every detail of play.